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2006 05 16

gamma is the new beta

(I was suddenly wondering why my flickr photos displayed on two columns…)

Flickr redesigns, updates Organizr, and turns gamma. Who’s betting other so-called Web 2.0 apps are soon to jump on the gamma train?

2005 12 09


Despite strolling around barefooted, I’m not dead yet.
Lots of socialising these last few days, four sets of pictures to flickr (or to riya, if I can be arsed to hijack a windows session), a great desire to redesign, posts to type once I’m done redesigning (some namedropping, some CMS-related rants), a new flat to inhabit soon, projects to start, pictures to take before winter chases the last leaves away… the usual.
I’m not dead yet, just hibernating.

2005 11 17

one picture, a thousand words, yada yada

I’ve grown a new interest in having a life recently, and some guilt for my readers who wouldn’t see blog updates in weeks while my flickr account is rather active.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to integrate the photolog in the blog itself: you’ll see thousands words, ain’t that grand?

Now, I think I could just use flickr’s “Blog This” function, but that would leave me with twenty six blog entries to edit for accurate date and tags. Boooooring.

So before I set on to script my way out of this problem with some flickr API love and direct post injections in WP, if you know a script that already does that please comment with some pointers!
Not that I couldn’t do it, but do we really need to code the wheel twice?

(That message brought to you by the I-have-a-thousand-things-to-catch-up-on division. Thanks for your attention, and have a nice day.)

Update: it’s done! (With custom, terrible-looking code.)

2005 10 18

black, white, and primary colors

So last week a brand new Canon replaced my aging Ricoh camera, and since then I’ve felt some guilt whenever I wasn’t outside shooting stuff — or maybe it’s my stomach crying for mercy, since I’m left with a fistful of euros to finish the month.

black, white

I took the 350d for a test ride this saturday (my first time with an SLR), shot more than 200 pics, out of which less than a dozen I deem viewable.
Those are in the brand new photolog, powered by flickr (and a very tailored version of the FAlbum plugin). (Yes, there is a 500 error on a picture, it’s caused by corrupted Exif data. A workaround is coming soon.)

primary colors

This domain’s root dir used to only be a link to the weblog; not anymore. It now prefigures the next redesign (and degrades awfully in IE6, but the links are functional, which is all that really matters.), and it’s red, very red. Comments, suggestions for improvements?