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2007 06 11

native works both ways… or does it?

So, in the young years of OS X, thousands were complaining that Office and other mac ports of Windows software didn’t look native enough. There is even a vocal group advocating native Aqua controls for Firefox on OS X.
Now, Apple just released Safari for Windows, complete with Aqua scrollbars and widgets. I’m waiting to read the rants of those pro-native users, about how Cupertino’s team could and should have made Safari fit in on Redmond’s desktop. Oh that’s right, not their problem.

(I’m going through the “mild hate for hype” part of my love-hate relationship with OS X, and software in general. Among my drafts is a rant on the annoyances in Coda…)

2005 09 13

sometimes all you need is a checkbox

The cleanest entry for the messiest GUI contest is… one checkbox.

Havoc’s point on SSL dialogs is spot on too: I find myself blindly clicking “OK go ahead” everytime an SSL dialog pops up, and so does almost everyone I’ve observed — the rest mutter “what the hell” and hit Cancel…
That goes to show how effective slapping UI on complicated stuff can get: not one bit.