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2006 05 15

V for Verdana

Before somebody beat me to the punch on this way too obvious pun: “V for Verdana — Free DOM, Forever!”
Now, let me hang my head in shame.

2005 11 08

jeu gratuit sans obligation de rachat de véhicule brûlé

Jeu de la citation de blogueur, de qui est la phrase suivante ? « Je n’ai pas de fantasme sécuritaire : je te rappelle que je vote déjà à droite. »

2005 11 01

outsourced, not outwitted

Hilarious take on outsourcing on the Daily Show.

“Just explain to me why my Airport Extreme has no floppy drive.
— Hold on one moment please Mr Colbert, I’m going to check your warranty.
— What an accent is that, are you Scottish?
— I am… from… Nebraska.”

See also: My Outsourced Life.

2005 08 26

sir, we’re out of bras

Now, more than ever, as Britain prepares for a bra shortage, now is the time to help: breasts need your support.

2005 05 08

interview anagramme: Laurent Gloaguen

Cette interview est une fiction. Chaque réponse est un anagramme du nom de l’invité.
(Le concept nous vient de davezilla.)

Michel : Le bruit court que vous réalisez un court métrage sur votre traversée du Saint Laurent, peut-on en savoir plus ? le titre par exemple ?
Laurent Gloaguen : La loutre en un gag.

Michel : Quel genre de court métrage ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Tournage nu légal.

Michel : Vous auriez renoncé à chanter sur la bande originale, est-ce parce que vous devenez vieux ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Âge nul, alto grenu.

Michel : Si vous deviez offrir un cadeau à monsieur Vanneste ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Élu glaner nougat.

Michel : Récemment, vous exprimiez une certaine lassitude vis à vis de votre milieu professionnel, pensez vous réellement qu’il aura votre peau ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Le goulag tanneur.

Michel : Vous avez décidé ces derniers mois d’être moins polémique, plus poli sur votre blog, aussi en quels termes parleriez vous de Loïc Lemeur ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Lent largue-guano.

Michel : Et de certains éphèbes adeptes du ParisCarnet ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Là, le tango nu urge.

Michel : Une pensée printannière pour conclure ?
Laurent Gloaguen : Gaule égal rut, non ?

2005 04 15


Mais la Longue Queue ne résout pas tout et surtout elle n’explique rien des mécanismes qui président au succès ou à l’échec.
Bref, en nous intéressant à la Longue Queue, il ne faudrait pas oublier le “Court Pic” !

à propos de la traduction de The Long Tail

2005 04 03

great scott

“Why are you all standing in shadow?
— Copyright protection!”

Simpsons-Futurama-Marvel crossover

2005 03 01

Love, your dearest spammee

In the course of February, Spam Karma saw 2932 spam attempts here.
Out of these, 18 made it through and landed online (including a set of ten at once). That’s not a 100% score, just over 99.3%.

What really amused me with comment spam attempts was the neverending flow of “compliments”. There was just something ironic about a bot thanking you for your efforts over and over again, in dozens of ways.
So from day one I kept a mailbox full of compliments I received, and finally yesterday I went through the e-mails and compiled a list of the 83 ways spammers love me.

Without further ado, I bestow upon thee visitor, The Automated Guestbook!
(See also: Philosophic interlude.)

2005 02 23

HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate

HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate (via).
How many times per week do you have to explain that <em> is not a replacement for <i>?

2005 02 04

I ate the iPod Shuffle

So icy smooth, so creamy white,
It applesauced my appetite.

I ate the iPod Shuffle

2004 09 11

bloogie all night long

Groundbreaking revelatory study reveals 29% of bloggers are losers. (via naladahc)

“There is no way that 29% of us are losers. That’s bullshit and I’m going to blog all night to set the record straight!” — Mitch Loveless, blogger

In other dorky news, and if it that makes me part of the 29% blogging losers then so be it, I could totally buy a Pokia DJ Convoy, if only for the CB mic.
Or just stay humble, and buy a simple Pokia handsfree kit, preferably the Hotline model.

2004 08 10

linux inside, très inside

Très inside, le pingouin.

Ce petit pingouin malicieux est un fabuleux compagnon de voyage.

2004 08 06

Bush ready for new ways to harm Americans

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
President Signs Defense Bill

(via Karl on Embruns — emphasis mine)

2004 08 03

do you speak bogus english?

“Do you speak WallStreet English?
– Yes!
– Yes, I do, connasse. Recalée.”

2004 06 09

too sexy for my chainmail

I’m too sexy for my chainmail, so sexy it hurts.

2004 06 08

I play one on TV

I’m not a * but I play one on TV.
I’m not Chris Robinson, but I play him on TV.

2004 05 15

revue de presse

Fictitious IRC snippet:

bunch of cheapocommies, $100 is barely the price of a good dinner
you rich buffoon!
MT was only free enough anyway, I switch
welcome slashdot visitors!
stop putting words in our mouth, ffs

( In other, unrelated news, Undernet is upping the nickname length limit from 9 to 12 characters. )

2004 05 11

Hokuto no Ken vs script kiddies

Who is going to stop these hordes of script kiddies getting ready to trample the millions of unpatched Windows 2000 servers?
Norton? Panda? F-Secure? Zone-Alarm (ok, this one’s a joke)?

Enter Ken, Fist of the North Star! With Ken, “you’re already secure — you just don’t know it yet. A-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!”

2004 05 09

link dump

They made my day:

2004 03 10

telephono ergo sum

Got a phone? Are you excited about this whole emerging phoning phenomenon? Enjoy my phone, and want to talk about it with me and other phony individuals?

Then join us at PhoneCon 1876!

Aren’t we just ringing with excitement?! I am echo chambering with delight!