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2007 08 14

is this you, Jesus?

We’ll know He’s back when He claims His holy profile on spock.com. (Or, if you know Jesus of Nazareth, you can invite Him.)

In other news, Spock does not let you search people whose names contain accented letters.
Example: as of the writing of this post, you can’t find Gérard Depardieu, even though his profile exists.

So, if Jesus comes back, it would be nice of Him to miraculously fix this issue: in the year 2007, developers still fail at handling non-ASCII characters.

2004 02 17

charsets & weblogs

As Joi Ito talks about the emerging Iranian blogging scene (encoding Farsi as utf-8), and just as Olivier Meunier talks about adding utf-8 support to DotClear, one may wonder “What about WordPress?”

Up to this day, WordPress continuated the b2 way of using iso-8859-1 as default. You could set a $admin_area_charset variable to ‘utf-8’ or whatever charset you wanted, but you still had to hardcode your preferred charset in the default template (and the comments popup’s) and in the login/register area.
No more hardcoding. Yesterday support for choosing your charset has been added to WordPress’s incoming 1.1 release, so now it’s only a matter of going straight to the General Options screen.

( I’d like to take this occasion to congratulate the WP team for their options handling. While I thought it was overkill, it’s actually very well thought: adding this option was only a matter of adding a row to the ‘wp_options’ table in the database, and editing files to make them use $blog_charset instead of iso-8859-1. The options backend takes care of validating the input too, so no more “let’s make sure they entered a string of that max length” or “let’s make sure it’s a number and not a string”, since you defined these in the row you added to the options table. )