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2006 03 09

random observation on tagging

You know tagging jumps the shark when there are more tags for a blog post than words in it.

2005 08 26

les absences du vendredi

Message d'absence: Le vendredi c'est sodomie

2005 08 18

phony business model idea of the day

Meeteo : social networking for all those souls whose conversation seems limited to meteorological chitchat.

2005 07 27

blink the night away

At last, a new and improved <blink> tag! Blink the night away! (via)
Excuse me while I gauge my eyes out.

2005 07 25

why we won’t unsubscribe you

The footer of a recent spam (emphasis mine):

1) We do not unsubscribe anymore becouse abusses go to unsubscribe url.
2) If we unsubscribe u others spamers are not.
3) If u abuse this e-mail we will never make spam more usefull.

Whimsy M. Jugular, Hi dear

2005 04 04

not getting things done

There is something seriously wrong with buying a copy of Getting Things Done and then proceed to procrastine on reading it.

2004 08 01

de Tudities clamavi

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2004 05 14


Stop reading right now. Look at your desktop. How many tasks are you working besides reading this weblog? More than 10? You’ve got N.A.D.D.

I’m afraid I got N.A.D.D.: as I’m typing this post I’m also typing a reply to an email, doing some PHP, following five concurrent IM/IRC conversations, reorganising files in my /home directory, learning how to fine tune my Exim .forward file to filter spam on the serverside, cussing at Exim, planting needles into voodoo dolls representing the developers of Exim, trying to use an FTP client before the connection times out, listening to some Morcheeba, and undressing.

What are you doing at the moment?

2004 02 16

extreme *ing

From extreme social networking to extreme walking to extreme skinny dipping to extreme wedding to extreme cooking to extreme babysitting to extreme ironing to extreme sandwiching.