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2007 08 14

is this you, Jesus?

We’ll know He’s back when He claims His holy profile on spock.com. (Or, if you know Jesus of Nazareth, you can invite Him.)

In other news, Spock does not let you search people whose names contain accented letters.
Example: as of the writing of this post, you can’t find Gérard Depardieu, even though his profile exists.

So, if Jesus comes back, it would be nice of Him to miraculously fix this issue: in the year 2007, developers still fail at handling non-ASCII characters.

2005 08 18

fix my bike and :wq!

Normal people need only cream and a bicycle repair man handy, to start using Vim.

2005 08 05

libre ouvert

Confusion : Gratuit, ouvert, libre…
Clarification : Pourquoi “libre” c’est mieux que “ouvert”

2005 07 20

death by buzzwords

combines Java, PHP/MediaWiki, and AJAX in order to offend as many developers as possible in a single go.

Havoc Pennington, introducing Yarrr

2005 02 21

an indian in a pocket

MiniApache (via) is a lightweight webserver in the same vein as lighttpd.
On the plus side, a minuscule config file (4 KB) and a purportedly light footprint.
On the minus side, the config file includes AddDefaultCharset iso-8859-1 (vewy bad), and it only runs on Windows NT/2k/XP systems.

2004 06 09

the last Straw

Straw 0.23 is out. Since April. And as a Straw user I did not know this.

Why should I have been notified of a new version? I syndicate Straw’s news feed with Straw itself…
That’s right, Straw’s news feed didn’t get updated in April when 0.23 was out. It’s an aggregator, and its project’s news feed is out of date, how novel.

2004 05 27

no OSX security flaw. never.

Among the many comments from Mac users who’d rather dig their head in the sand than recognise their favorite OS does indeed have a security vulnerability, related to pseudo protocols in Safari (like disk: and help:), this one wins the cake: Mac OS X security flaw is a hoax, according to Apple’s tech support in India. (via Jay Allen’s reply to it)

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaaf concurs: There are no security flaws in the Mac operating system. Never.

2004 05 11

Hokuto no Ken vs script kiddies

Who is going to stop these hordes of script kiddies getting ready to trample the millions of unpatched Windows 2000 servers?
Norton? Panda? F-Secure? Zone-Alarm (ok, this one’s a joke)?

Enter Ken, Fist of the North Star! With Ken, “you’re already secure — you just don’t know it yet. A-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!”

2004 02 14

thought 2

iTunes hates Aquarion and screwed up at Morbus’s.
Rhythmbox likes me.