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2005 05 19

that which is nice and dandy

Fake del.icio.us links until I get off my lazy arse and start using del.icio.us (I’ll blame the lack of good Gnome-ish clients too).

Addendum to the third item: wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Firefox extension that would check the generator for a site’s feed and then allow you to add the site as a search engine if the generator is WordPress or any other tool with an easily discoverable search facility?

2004 08 01

RSS, game of the year

LinuxJournal’s game of the year 2004 is RSS.

It’s like […] collecting baseball cards, but with real people.

2004 07 07


RSSfeeds.com: because nobody thought about it earlier… right? Hah.
I guess it’s still time to give up on that project, and help with Syndic8, the mature and feedful directory that just needs a little revamp (can you find your way on its homepage?).

2004 06 09

the last Straw

Straw 0.23 is out. Since April. And as a Straw user I did not know this.

Why should I have been notified of a new version? I syndicate Straw’s news feed with Straw itself…
That’s right, Straw’s news feed didn’t get updated in April when 0.23 was out. It’s an aggregator, and its project’s news feed is out of date, how novel.

2004 03 09

Sun, RSS, and my cock

Sun adopts RSS, seems to tout it as something so revolutionnary that it makes Microsoft uneasy.
If this wasn’t enough to provoke snickering, there’s the gem: “It may be that RSS is sufficiently standardized that we can have a diversity of clients available to read it”. I don’t know if there being nine incompatible versions of RSS makes it so sufficiently standardised. Heck, my cock is probably more standardised than RSS.