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2006 03 09

random observation on tagging

You know tagging jumps the shark when there are more tags for a blog post than words in it.

2005 09 03

easy tagging with Rails

This second version of acts_as_taggable looks like the right one; I’m playing with it and liking it so far, it’ll save me some time on that future project…

2005 08 05

incremental updates #2

  • Upgraded to the latest stable WP. It was as easy as copying new files over old ones.
  • Fixed Tagadam to work with this version of WP. Tagadam is the name of my still-not-ready-for-a-release tags plugin, it’s been primarily coded with my CVS checkout of February in mind, so no wonder it needed some fixing.
  • Ditched categories in feeds. I’ll only have tags from now on (they’re already using the <category> element anyway).
  • Added Google ads on archives, tags, single posts. I’m not sure of the format.

2005 07 31

a telegram in #FF5532

New layout STOP
Parts powered by del.icio.us STOP
Work in progress STOP
Suggestions welcome STOP

2005 02 21

incremental updates

  • Switched to the Kubrick theme because 1.5’s Classic wouldn’t load comments on mini posts (surely an issue with the MiniPosts plugin).
  • Found out wp_title() misses a filter hook for everything but titles, that is why category pages sport unlovely [fr]titres[/fr][en]titles[/en].
  • Fixed the site’s content-type.
  • Installed Referrer Karma. If you ever have to click through to get to this blog, please notify me so I can whitelist you.
  • Added RewriteRules so that old old old permalinks work again.
  • Activated my soon to be released tags plugin. That’s where the “Tags:” lines and the Tags list on the right are from. I still need to make tags appear in the feeds, and support tags additions in URIs.